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Stefan Vandeweghe


Soluciones digitales en implantología

Esta conferencia proporcionará una visión global de las tecnologías digitales actuales que están disponibles en el campo de la implantología. Empezando por planificación virtual de implantes y cirugía guiada, sobre escáneres intra-orales y tecnología CAD/CAM, hasta “digital smile design” Diseño digital de sonrisa y escáners faciales. La tecnología ha mejorado y agilizado el proceso de trabajo clínico, pero todavía presenta limitaciones. La precisión y eficiencia depende de muchos factores, que algunas veces están fuera del control del odontólogo. Y aunque el solape de los diferentes escáneres y tecnologías es posible, requieren pro software adicional and experiencia en el campo. Esta conferencia hará una demostración de cómo realizar tratamientos con implantes con un abordaje digital y aportará algunos trucos que pueden ayudar para solucionar el caso.

Digital solutions in implant dentistry

This lecture will provide an overview of the current digital technologies that are available for use in the field of implant dentistry. Starting from virtual implant planning and guided surgery, over intra-oral scanning and cad-cam technology, until digital smile design and face scanning. Technology has improved and fastened our clinical workflow, but still has some limitations. Accuracy and efficiency depend on many factors, which are sometimes out of the dentist’s control. And although the merging of different scans and technologies is possible, it requires additional software programs and experience in the field. This lecture will demonstrate how to do implant treatments in a digital approach and will provide some tricks that may help to solve the case.


Period 2001 – 2006:
Master in dentistry, Ghent University, Belgium
Period 2007 – 2008:
Postgraduate course in oral implantology, Ghent University, Belgium
Period 2007 – 2010
Doctoral schools, Ghent University, Belgium
28 October 2010: Successfully defended PhD
Period 2010 – 2011
Post-doc: Department of prosthetic dentistry, Malmö Högskola, Sweden

Period 2006-2010:
Working as a general dentist in several dental practices
Performing implant prosthetics at the university hospital in Gent
Period 2009-…
Performing implant surgery in several private practices
Period 2010 -2011
Working at the department of prosthetic dentistry at the Malmö University (Sweden) and at the specialist department of prosthodontics at the Folktandvården Clinic in Lund (Sweden), exclusively performing implant surgery and fixed prosthetics on teeth and implants
Period 2012 – ?
Private practice in Ghent, Belgium
Associate professor, University of Ghent, Belgium
Course director specialist program in reconstructive dentistry


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– University of Gent, Belgium
– Member of the Flemisch Dental Association (VVT)
– Member of the Academy of Osseointegration (AO)
– Member of the European Academy of Osseointegration (EAO)
– Constituent member of the International Academy of Prosthodontists (ICP)